Exercise is part of life. It made our God to create man in His own image, so that he might not be passive but active and outgoing, to manipulate the work of nature in a positive way that will make him to glow in the revelation of His will and purpose. An adage says, “All play work without play, makes Jack a dull boy.” The Scriptures also buttress this statement by saying, “Bodily exercise profiteth little.” If you take away that little, man may not be fulfilled.

The earliest recorded Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C. The Romans enjoyed watching chariot races and fight to death between gladiators – fighters who were usually slaves. For modern sports, there are line-by-line written rules dated back to 1800s. This could be called organised sports.
The whole world is in love with sports. At present, the world goes on loving and cherishing sport due to its uniqueness and ability to unite the universe. Nowadays, sport has become a common language for all nations; not only has it become a strong weapon of unison, but it has highly strengthened the nations of the world. It serves as a medicine for healing within every nation, to sustain love, peace and unity. Through sports, universal aspirations have been uniformly fulfilled.

In education, there are three domains to which education framework has been sub-divided. These are the Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. At Faith Standard Schools, we appreciate all these aspects. Though the School excels with high premium placed on the Cognitive development and Affective domains, the psychomotor domain has never been neglected; hence, the School not only loves sports but provides resources by which God-given talents of youngsters could be effectively utilised.

The school is known for her unique inter-house sports activities which have positively become the talk of the town. Our sports wears are always amazing. The students have their different houses; viz: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega and Sigma. Each student is expected to own or become a member of one of these houses.

Furthermore, the school has a basketball court with facilities for lawn tennis, badminton and volleyball. Table-tennis board is also available for student’s recreation.