The glory of an educational institution is in the level of success recorded by its products.
The afore-mentioned aptly describes the recurring norm in FAITH STANDARD CEPHALOMODEL COLLEGE (FASCEMCO),
This citadel of learning has made it a habitual oar to churn out young chaps for admission into
notable tertiary institutions of learning in Nigeria.
8th June, 2017 was an intereting and exhilarating experience at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU),
Ile-Ife, Nigeria, where a good number of FASCEMCO students were matriculated as freshmen.
FASCEMCO is a school that does this and does it real well. Students are wholesomely trained to sit for
exams once and have all their papers once WITH GOOD GRADES.
ADMISSIONS INTO JSS and SSS classes are on-going in the school.
You can access the admission form online at