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We admit pupils graduating from primary schools in Ile-Ife, Osun State and across the nation. This is irrespective of gender, social, religious or ethnic background. The pupil’s intelligent quotient (IQ) shall be tested to know the level of each pupil’s performances, which shall serve as a basis for structuring their academic experience.

Registration form can be downloaded from our website by clicking the “Get application form” button below or obtain it from the school premises. This must be filled and submitted on or before the specified date. The examination slip should be detached from the form. The pupil must come with the slip to the examination center.

Method of admission shall be strictly on merit, based on the performances of pupils in the examination conducted by the School authority. Scholarship shall be awarded to the best candidate in each academic year; hence, the best candidate will enjoy one term of free tuition.

Pupils who have passed through all the curriculum plans of Basic One to Five are requested to obtain the form into the College. Such pupils must have attained the age of 120 months and must be able to read and write fluently. On the examination day, each child must come with his/her writing materials – pen/biro and H.B. pencil. The prospective student should detach the examination slip from the form and come with it to the examination center.


The Process


Obtain application form

Get registration form from our website or school.


Submit application

Fill and submit application on or before specified date.


Pass our examination

Prepare for and pass the examination conducted by our school authority.


Start registration

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Mode of Payment

Payment of school fees is by the School’s customised teller, obtainable from the School Bursar. The School expects parents to turn in tellers on resumption.


Our Bankers

Guaranty Trust Bank, Lagere, Ile-Ife.

First Bank, Lagere, Ile-Ife.