Proprietor’s Citation

Profile of Dr. Osunjimi, Lawrence Adebayo

Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi is the founder of Faith Standard Schools which comprises Faith Standard Nursery and Primary School, Faith Standard Montessori School, Faith Standard Cephalo Model College and Faith Standard Cephalo Model College (E-learning Centre), all situated in Ile- Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

The proprietor of Faith Standard Schools is an educationist to the core with his first experience in teaching at the Divisional Teachers’ College, Ipetumodu. He later proceeded to the Premier University of Ibadan for his Certificate in Nursery Education (C.N.E) and was certified in 1996.


Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi furthered his education at the University of Ado-Ekiti where he had his Bachelor in Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling in 2001.

The quest for education made him to proceed to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife for his Master’s Degree in Education with focus on Early Childhood Education. He bagged the degree in 2011. Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi later got his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education with specialization in Early Childhood Development in 2017.

He is registered and certified as a professional teacher by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

He is an educator, leader, entrepreneur, pastor, mentor, thorough professional, administrator and an instructor par excellence.

Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi is also a prolific author. He has written various kinds of books that have helped and are still helping many pupils and students in their quest for knowledge.

His articles have also been published in reputable journals, both local and international. Some of these include:

(i) Evaluating The Responsiveness of Early Childhood Education Centres to Spice Development of Children in Southwestern Nigeria. A paper presented at the 4th Annual ECAN conference on Basic Education held in OAU and published in the same journal. February, 2022.

(ii) Assessment of Appropriateness of Early Childhood Centres in Southwestern Nigeria. A paper presented at the 4th Annual ECAN conference on Basic Education held in OAU and published in the same journal. February, 2022.

(iii) Challenges and Prospects of Mother Tongue Instructional Policy in Osun State ECCDE Centres. (Published) International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. 2019

(iv) Influence of Assessment Procedures and Family Engagement of Developmentally Appropriate Practice on Pre-primary School Children in Southwestern Nigeria. (Published). 2019

(v) Assessment of Developmental Appropriateness of Early Childhood Education Programme in southwestern Nigeria. 2017

(vi) Early Childhood Education in a Unified Nigeria Prospects and Challenges (Published). 2015

(vii) School Environmental Factors as Predicators of Pupils’ Adjustment to Early Child Care in Ile-Ife, Osun State (M. Ed Thesis, 2011)

(viii) A study of Some Factors Influencing Truancy Among Secondary School Students in Ile-Ife East Local Government Area (B. Ed Thesis, 2001)

Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi is equally a poet. This is readily evident in the style of his writing. He is also a music specialist and a composer of many lyrics.

An extraordinarily skilled facilitator and public speaker, he is known for his systematic and pragmatic approach that captivates seminar participants while equipping them with time-tested principles.

Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi’s wealth of experience in school administration is superb. He is an active administrator who has philosophized different administration styles and principles that have distinguished Faith Standard Group of Schools amongst her equals.

He established his first school, Faith Standard Nursery and Primary School, situated in Moremi/Ifedapo, Iloro Area of Ile- Ife decades ago. This school has built the lives of so many pupils and students who have become renowned individuals in their chosen fields of endeavour such as Medicine and Surgery, Law, Medical Rehabilitation, Engineering, Art, Social Sciences, Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship and a host of others.

The Montessori Institution he established around the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex Ile- Ife is a lovely sight to behold for parents who crave for Montessori system of education.

Dr. Adebayo Lawrence Osunjimi is a recipient of many awards, both for himself and for his established institution, within and outside the state. Some of the awards include:

(i) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Nigeria Patriot of Education Exemplary Award (NIPEEA) by Majesty Global Charity Education (December, 2019)

(ii) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Order of Merit and Productivity Award by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Osun State, Nigeria (August, 2019)

(iii) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Outstanding school of The Year, 2019 by Southwest Nigeria Education Awards (May, 2019)

(iv) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Distinguished Client Award by CM Entertainment (January-December, 2018)

(v) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Award of Excellence by Sebagrate Ventures Nigeria LTD (December, 2014)

(vi) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Team Spirit in Excellence, Distinction Award by Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Limited (2010)

(vii) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Best Private School Education Excellence Award by Freelance and Independent Broadcasters association of Nigeria (FIBAN) Ife Zone (2005)

(viii) Dr. L. A. Osunjimi: Outstanding School of The Year Award by Southwest Nigeria Excellence award (April, 2004)